MariaDB replication with GTID

Improves resiliency of replication in case of primary crash

Truncate file to 0 linux

echo > filename

InnoDB Cluster config

There is not a lot of information that is easy to understand to get innodb cluster running,

The following is the terminal dump of what I needed to do to get it working, important notes.

you must bind mysql to

prior to adding a server to the cluster execute RESET MASTER; to clear the logs.

apt install python -y
dpkg -i ./mysql-apt-config_0.8.4-1_all.deb
apt-get update
apt-get install mysql-server mysql-shell -y

mysql_ssl_rsa_setup –uid mysql


\connect [email protected]:3306


1) Create remotely usable account for ‘root’ with same grants and password
2) Create a new admin account for InnoDB cluster with minimal required grants
3) Ignore and continue
4) Cancel

Please select an option [1]: 2
Please provide an account name (e.g: [email protected]%) to have it created with the necessary
privileges or leave empty and press Enter to cancel.
Account Name: [email protected]%

shell.connect(‘[email protected]:3306’);
var cluster = dba.createCluster(‘cluster name’, { memberSslMode: ‘REQUIRED’, ipWhitelist:’,′});

cluster.addInstance(‘[email protected]:3306’, { memberSslMode: ‘REQUIRED’, ipWhitelist:’,′});

flush privileges

Redis promote slave to master

ansible run playbook with sudo password as extra var


Ansible disk space

ansible <host>, -m shell -a “df -H” -u davidĀ 

What to do when MySQL or MariaDB shits the bed

Had a server outage mid transaction?

Now you can’t start MYSQL ?

You probably have a transaction stuck and the service won’t come back up until you deal with it…


Here is how you deal with it.

mysqld --tc-heuristic-recover=ROLLBACK

service mysql start

set connection multi-source Mariadb replication

SET @@default_master_connection=”

mariadb db replication reset

Updating listview – android


Is not enough when updating the content of cells. The only way to guarantee data is updated correctly, and tags are set correctly is to setAdapter(newAdapter instance)