Keepalived – Spamming /var/log/syslog ->

If you’re just using keepalived to manage IP addresses (i.e. you’re not using the virtual_server or lvs_sync_daemon features), it’s possible to run it under a Linode kernel by disabling LVS/IPVS features. Simply pass in the –vrrp (or -P) option on the command-line (add it to DAEMON_ARGS in /etc/default/keepalived in Debian/Ubuntu) and you’ll be good to go!


Push Multiple Views onto Nav Stack

Courtesy of Stack Overflow:



Set a background colour of a uitableview


Back Button Text


Background image in UITableViewCell


Remove Cell Separator Style from UITableView


php compile from source configure

./configure \
–prefix=/usr/local \
–with-ldap=/usr \
–with-libdir=lib64 \
–with-kerberos=/usr \
–enable-cli \
–with-zlib-dir=/usr \
–enable-exif \
–enable-ftp \
–enable-mbstring \
–enable-mbregex \
–enable-sockets \
–enable-maintainer-zts \
–with-curl=/usr \
–with-config-file-path=/etc \
–sysconfdir=/private/etc \
–with-mysql-sock=/var/mysql/mysql.sock \
–with-mysql=mysqlnd \
–with-mysqli=mysqlnd \
–with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd \
–with-xmlrpc \
–with-xsl=/usr \
–without-pear \
–with-libxml-dir=/usr \
–with-iconv-dir=/usr/local \
–with-gd \
–with-jpeg-dir=/opt/local \
–with-png-dir=/opt/local \
–with-freetype-dir=/opt/local \
–with-mcrypt=/opt/local \
–with-openssl \
–enable-debug –enable-maintainer-zts \
–enable-pthreads –enable-mbstring \

JS includes with AngularJS

Laravel 5 + AngularJS csrf token rename

It appears that laravel 5 no longer users the token name csrf_token, this has been abbreviated to _token.

Laravel 5 – Environment gotcha

Out of the box, laravel 5 is set to production environment.

If you use homestead for your development, you are going to have a lot of headache unless you set the environment to local.

The documentation is not clear on how to do this.

In the root folder, create a file within bootstrap/


This is the correct way to set your environment to local, and will allow you to process your migrations as you would expect them.