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omnios – disable fast shutdown


Time Machine -> NAS

cPanel backups – force latest



Zpool creations

Raid 10 with spare

raidz1 with zil and l2arc

java 7 download

Infiniband OMNIOS – iscsi setup

Remember that 0xFFFF is the default pKey and create your partition.

# dladm create-part -l ibp0 -P 0xFFFF pFFFF.ibp0
# ifconfig pFFFF.ibp0 plumb
# ifconfig pFFFF.ibp0 up

to make the interface come up automatically on reboot read here:

XFS on Centos 6 32bit – not compatible with life

XFS will not operate on Centos 6 32bit, you must use the 64bit version.



yum install vixie-cron crontabs
/sbin/chkconfig crond on
/sbin/service crond start

sFlow XenServer

Download iso


mount and install.

service hsflowd start
service sflowovsd start

chkconfig hsflowd on
chkconfig sflowovsd on

edit conf file

nano /etc/hsflowd.conf

agent = xenbr0

DNSSD = off
polling = 20
sampling = 512

collector {
ip = 10.1.1.x
udpport = 6343

service hsflowd restart

gluster path stale usage path