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write cache enable ZFS COMSTAR

stmfadm modify-lu -p wcd=false LU

SSL installations

for NGINX you need a .cert file and the .key file

the .cert file contains the SSL cert at the beginning, followed by the intermediate certificate.

the key file is that used to generate the CSR.

omnios – disable fast shutdown


Time Machine -> NAS

cPanel backups – force latest



Zpool creations

Raid 10 with spare

raidz1 with zil and l2arc

java 7 download

Infiniband OMNIOS – iscsi setup

Remember that 0xFFFF is the default pKey and create your partition.

# dladm create-part -l ibp0 -P 0xFFFF pFFFF.ibp0
# ifconfig pFFFF.ibp0 plumb
# ifconfig pFFFF.ibp0 up

to make the interface come up automatically on reboot read here:

XFS on Centos 6 32bit – not compatible with life

XFS will not operate on Centos 6 32bit, you must use the 64bit version.



yum install vixie-cron crontabs
/sbin/chkconfig crond on
/sbin/service crond start