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Update Grub Omnios

I got caught out trying to update the grub menu in omnios, i foolishly tried to update menu.lst located in /boot/grub

In omnios, you need to edit the menu.lst file located in /rpool/boot/grub/

Add repo OMNIOS

for netperf say

ZFS Get all parameters of zpool

enable lz4 compression on pool

ZFS Feature Flags

New Omnios Stable!

Upgrade from 004 -> 006 here:

RPOOL Mirror

we need to fdisk the partition of the second drive with:

pfexec fdisk -B c13t1d1s0

Copy label from the original rpool member

pfexec prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c13t1d0s0 | pfexec fmthard -s - /dev/rdsk/c13t1d1s0

Attach mirror drive to the pool

zpool attach -f rpool c13t1d0s0 c13t1d1s0

Install grub on the second drive.

installgrub /boot/grub/stage1 /boot/grub/stage2 /dev/rdsk/c13t1d1s0

monitor disk io wait omnios

iostat -xn

monitor cpu performance OMNIOS

sar -u 10 60

omnios iscsi

iscsi target isn’t configured out of the box with omnios, you need to install the target:

[email protected]:~# pkg install pkg:/network/iscsi/target

then enable

[email protected]:~# svcadm enable stmf